Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Brochure

This course is offered at various times and locations during the year and is sponsored by The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF®). Our goal is to provide practical knowledge concerning pool operation, introduce new ideas and technology available in the industry, and to provide information to assist your personnel in reducing the cost of operating your swimming pools. This course is designed not only for the pool operator but also provides information that will be valuable to aquatic supervisors, pool managers, retail store operators, and recreation and maintenance directors and their staff.

What is the Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Program?

The goal of the Certified Pool-Spa Operator® (CPO® ) Safety program is to educate and train your staff, responsible for your aquatic facility, how to maintain a healthy and safe facility at all times.

· The Certified Pool-Spa Operator® program has delivered more training than any other program in the pool and spa industry since 1974, resulting in more than 400,000 successful CPO® Certifications in 44 countries.

· The Certified Pool-Spa Operator® program is widely accepted by health departments.

· The Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Handbook, 2017 Edition has been updated to include the most current information available, including the addition of metric calculations, and is now available in Spanish & French.

About NSPF®

The National Swimming Pool Foundation is a non-profit organization whose interests are Research, Education and Safety in aquatics.

· Recognizing the need for trained operators to manage public and commercial pool facilities, the NSPF® in 1974, developed the Certified Pool Operator® program.

· The National Swimming Pool Foundation's Certified Pool-Spa Operator® program is a requirement in many states including, NY, ME, MA, NH, NJ, FL, GA, CO, IA, AK, HI, CA, PA, OH, TX plus many others.

About Pool & Spa Rx:

Bob Richards, owner of Pool & Spa Rx runs a full service and repair company in the Capital Region of New York state. Our company offers CPO® Training, (including private courses), Consulting, Education, Planning & Development, and full service on all models of Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools. Bob has trained over 3,800 CPO®'s, and has provided consulting services since 1973.


· Each student receives 14-16 hours of instruction by Bob Richards, Certified CPO Instructor.

· The course is intensive and covers pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment governmental requirements, filtration, maintenance, equipment, and troubleshooting and more..

***Each student must attend 14-16 hours of instruction and pass the examination to be a Certified Pool Operator; aka CPO®.

The CPO® Examination:

This is an Open book/Open Notes- all materials may be referred to including book, notes, and handouts when taking this exam.

· Minimum passing grade for the multiple choice exam is 74%- Students must answer 37 out of 50 questions correct.

· Early registration - payment by check $304 received 3 weeks prior.

· Early registration - payment by Credit card $314 received 3 weeks prior

· Regular registration or PO pricing -$329

Private Course: available for a minimum of 12+ attendees plus travel and expenses. Please call for details