Why you need the training program for Pool/Spa Operators:

All commercial, public, apartment complexes, condos, hotels, motels, Health & Fitness Clubs, Country Clubs, Municipals, Public Facilities, Natatoriums, Water Parks, Public/Private Schools, Colleges, Universities, Swim Clubs, Retail/Wholesale stores and many more aquatic operations - approximately 9,500,000 people need a CPO to operate their facilities. The CPO course provides training for efficient, effective, economical, and most importantly, SAFE use of the aquatic facility.



All operators, owners, managers, service companies, public health officers or anyone who has an interaction with an aquatic facility needs to be certified.

Hotels, motels, apartment complexes, municipal pools, all commercial public facilities, public/private schools, colleges, universities, swim clubs, golf clubs, tennis and fitness clubs that have pool or spa facilities. Finally, Retail establishments, that teach clients how to run a safe pool need CPO on staff.

Owners recognize operators will manage the facility more economically, efficiently and safer after they have taken the course and become certified, CPO's. Each of the following facilities should have a CPO as part of their staff:

Benefits of CPO Certification Training:

● Proven educational tool
● Widely accepted by local and state authorities
● Available as a 14- to 16-hour classroom course or as a blended on-line and one-day classroom course
● Covers all topics necessary for pool operators, including a section on local and state codes
● Includes comprehensive full color, indexed handbook which may also be used as a reference tool on the job
● Successful completion of a written exam is required for certification.
● Recognized nationally and internationally
● Certification is valid 5 years


Each student receives 14-16 hours of instruction by our Certified Instructor, Bob Richards, who has been specifically trained to communicate the basic skills necessary to operate a pool or spa facility.

Bob has over 23 years experience in the industry. He manages and operates his own service and repair company when he is not training. He deals with the same problems you do!

The course is interactive, upbeat, and informative while still being thorough. Our training covers pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, government requirements, and much more. We have trained many state officials who inspect your pools.

Each student must attend the 2 day, 16 hours of instruction and pass an open book examination to be Certified. The Certification is for a maximum of 5 years at which time a refresher course and an open book exam must be passed.