In the wake of COVID-19-We are very EXCITED to offer NEW ONLINE CPO CLASSES!


  • You will take the CPO training online, in the comfort of your own home via LIVE ONLINE VIRTUAL training (we are using ZOOM now). This will be the same format as our classroom sessions, just being offered online!
  • The course format has not changed. It is still a two-day class that runs 8:30 am – 4:30 pm both days.
  • The First day is classroom instruction on such topics as water chemistry, pool calculations, risk and liability, management, pumps and filters, etc.
  • The Second day you will have a review of pool calculations, go over your states code.
  • You will take your CPO exam-on-line. It is a 3- hour exam, open book-open note. It will be a proctored online exam. You must leave your audio & video on at all times. This exam is the same as the paper version given at the face to face class.
  • You need a 74% to pass-that means you can miss 13 questions and just pass. You will know your results at the end of the exam. It will be sent to your email.
  • If you pass, you will receive you will receive a National Certification in 4-6 weeks. A National Certification is good for 5-years.
  • FAQ for Online Classes & Testing - CLICK HERE TO VIEW FAQ PAGE